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PAGG Stack at a glance

Many people consider buying PAGG stack for weight loss. Other see it as an useful supplement to help shape the body when working out by making the body fat drop. To start with I fully approve this supplement as it is made from natural and safe ingredients and so no prescription is needed to buy it.

PAGG supports fat loss by combining the results of its four active components; Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Garlic extract (with an active agent Allicin) and Green tea extract (with EGCG being the agent). Does PAGG Stack really work? Can you be sure it isn’t a scam? The answer are yes and yes, the beneficiary effects of the supplement stack have been confirmed in controlled lab tests by a volunteer group.

PAGG Stack has been used by many satisfied customers before, but how can you be sure that PAGG Stack works for you as well? There is only one way to find it out – test it.

Tim Ferriss and PAGG Stack

The story of PAGG begins with Tim Ferriss, a young visionary, athlete and entrepreneur. Tim’s philosophy is to cut the unnecessary time effort an get the desired results in a short time, in the proverbial “4 Hours”. Tim’s books present the application of his philosophy in important real life areas, e.g. in his first book “4 Hour Work Week” Tim tells how to break free from daily job routine of 9 till 5.

His second book, “4 Hour Body”, is devoted to losing weight, gaining muscles, improving sex life and getting better at sports. One of the chapters outlines the PAGG Stack, which Tim discovered by trial and error at his struggle for an athletic, lean body and a low body fat.

PAGG was created by Tim Ferriss, to replace the ill-famed ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin) stack. The ECA stack works, but it comes with side effects (described in Tim’s best selling book “4 Hour Body”) and PAGG was the replacement without these side effects. The usual precautions will be more than enough.

Who should buy PAGG Stack?

PAGG Stack was created with twenty something males in mind – Tim Ferriss experimented at the beginning on himself, and he is now (2013) in his thirties. But to be sincere PAGG can be taken literally by everybody planning to lose weight, with few exceptions listed in the next paragraph. The ingredients of the supplement stack: policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, garlic and green tea extract are safe for the average healthy person.

PAGG shouldn’t be taken by women during pregnancy and breast feeding. Persons suffering from high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, diabetes and hypertension or using blood thinning and anti-anxiety medications should refrain from using PAGG supplement. Alpha-lipoic acid can cause heartburn, but it’s nothing to worry about – just take PAGG with meals or drink more water.

PAGG Stack results

Best results can be achieved if PAGG Stack is combined with a high protein and low carb diet. This diet resembles the south beach diet in terms of focus on lean meat, fish, eggs, veggies, almonds, lentils and beans. Tim Ferriss uses canned or frozen ingredients and claimed them to be as nutritional as the fresh ones, so you don’t have to spend a fortune for your food.

Of course some physical exercise can only support the effects of the diet and the supplements. The three elements of the weight loss process are more effective in combination than on their own. Tim Ferriss suggested also consumption of cold water and ice cold baths in order to burn calories more effectively.

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I do recommend PAGG, however whether you buy PAGG stack or another weight loss supplement, you will be glad you did, so that you can lose weight and regain your life quality!