PAGG StackAlpha-Lipoic Acid, one of the components of the 4 Hour Boby PAGG formula exists in two forms. R-ALA is the form naturally occurring within living organisms, and at the same time the biologically active one. When a body synthesizes ALA, all molecules are R-ALA. S-ALA is created artificially, when Alpha-Lipoic Acid is synthesized in laboratory. It is an unwanted byproduct.

When you buy Alpha-Lipoic Acid (on its own or as a part of PAGG Stack) check which kind of ALA does it contain. The standard ALA is a 50/50 mixture of both R-ALA and S-ALA. Good supplements contain pure R-ALA. The purification process is expensive and complicated but worth its price. Always check the bottle – if it says just “ALA” it’s the 50/50 mix.

The benefits of R-ALA

  • R-ALA is the natural form of ALA, which your body can metabolize
  • all beneficial effects of ALA are thanks to R-ALA in it
  • S-ALA can produce undesirable results as it is artificial
  • S-ALA unlike R-ALA cannot bind with enzymes
  • S-ALA can inhibit activity of R-ALA

Some of the beneficial effects of the Alpha-Lipoic Acid are 12 times stronger when you take R-ALA instead of a mixture of both S-ALA and R-ALA. Even if it is slightly more expensive, always go for supplements containing pure R-ALA.