PAGG Stack Dosage

PAGG Stack DosageSince Tim Ferriss published his best selling book, “Four Hour Body”, PAGG Stack being introduced in the book gained much attention. Tim recommends PAGG as a side effects free supplement set for effective fat loss. This article deals with PAGG Stack Dosage.

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There are quite a few PAGG manufacturers present on the market. Some of them offer simplified PAGG, meaning that there is only one pill per serving,  containing all four components described in Tim’s book “4 Hour Body”. PAGG Supplement bundles consist of all components in separate pills.

Regular PAGG dosage

If you mix your own PAGG stack, or you buy a supplement bundle, you need to take the PAGG supplements four times a day. First three “day time” servings should contain alpha lipoic acid, green tea extract and garlic extract. The last “bed time” serving should contain policosanol, alpha lipoic acid and garlic extract. Originally there was also green tea extract in the “bed time” serving, however some users complained about insomnia and the updated PAGG formula (called also PAGG 2.0 formula) doesn’t contain green tea extract in the last serving.

The dosage for each component looks like this:

  • P – Policosanol, 23mg
  • A – Alpha Lipoic Acid, 100-300mg (ALA), or 50-150mg (R-ALA)
  • G – Green Tea Extract (EGCG), 325mg
  • G – Garlic Extract, 200mg – Aged Garlic Extract rich in Allicin

When taking PAGG, Vitamin B should be taken as an addition.

Simplified PAGG Stack dosage

A simplified PAGG Stack, e.g. from Pareto Nutrition or from Kirkland Laboratories, comes in two bottles with “day” and “bed time” pills. The updated PAGG Formula doesn’t contain EGCG before bed time.  The day timepills are intended to be taken before meals, the bed time pills – when you go to sleep.

The day time pills from Pareto Nutrition PAGG (which happen to be red) contain:

  • 150 mg of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA), more effective than 300mg of S-ALA
  • 200 mg of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE)
  • 325 mg of EGCG, from decaffeinated green tea extract
  • 100 mcg of Biotin, a B complex vitamin

The bed time pills from Pareto Nutrition PAGG (the blue ones) contain:

  • 23 mg of Policosanol derived from olive leaves
  • 150 mg of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA), more effective than 300mg of S-ALA
  • 200 mg of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE)
  • 100 mcg of Biotin, a B complex vitamin

Some side info about the PAGG Stack

In “Four Hour Body” the supplements are called “The Four Horsemen of Fat Loss”. The stack consists of Polisosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea Extract (with catechin/flavanol EGCG) and Garlic Extract (with Allicin), first letters making the acronym PAGG.

PAGG is a side effect free substitute for the famed ECA stack, made of Ephedrine Hydrochloride, Caffeine and Aspirin. The ECA stack was bringing results but it had some undesired side effects, as Tim Ferriss describes from his own experience (pages 115-116 of the book). PAGG on the other hand, might cause only a slight heartburn from ALA, which you can easily get rid of, by drinking more water.

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