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The Life Plan

The Life PlanThe Book The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body by Dr. Jeffry Life published last year is a good reading complement for men who use the PAGG Stack and really want to put 4HB and other Tim Ferriss’ ideas into life. Dr. Life was almost 60 when he became interested in body building and martial arts, he proved that one is never too old for this kind of sport. Now he is a supporter of growth hormone treatment – which is not available and probably not advisable for everyone, but 95% of the book is really a good reading about nutrition, supplements and exercise.

The three pillars of weight loss and muscle growth – nutrition, exercise and supplements – are also advised by Tim Ferriss. And this is the very information which is so useful if you really care about maintaining your weight and growing your muscles.


The chapters dedicated to nutrition offer an insight in the build-up of food, the ideal proportion of calories derived from macro nutrients, the role of fibre and at the end of that chapters there is a small cook book included. A healthy menu for a week is described with all the detailed nutrition information. The cook book gives you ideas for meals and snacks to accompany your PAGG Stack supplements.


The Life Plan is a good source for workout ideas. Dr. Jeffry Life presents three workout programs, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced. All three begin with a warm up, foam rolling and end with chill down and static stretching. Foam rolling also called self myofascial release (SMR) is an interesting exercise aimed at releasing tighten up muscles and comparable with a massage (but one to be made by oneself and free).Tim Ferriss in one chapter of The Four Hour Body mentioned a therapy where his turned inactive muscles were released by a medical doctor as a part of repairing damage therapy. Foam rolling is a budget version of this therapy. All you need for these exercises is a foam roller.

The training programs contain strength resistance training, cardio high intensity interval training (HIIT) and – usually omitted in training plans – balance training. This last activity, resembling a bit basics of tai chi is an important element of an all-round training.


Supplements suggested by Dr. Jeffry Life are related to anti-aging and age management medicine, however they also address most common supplements a man over 40 is expected to take. The chapter dedicated to supplements can be almost used as a shopping list to help you decide what to buy:

  • comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement
  • essential fatty acids / fish oil supplement – the link goes to an article about the health benefits of cod liver oil and omega-3 fatty acids. Tim Ferriss’ recommended brands are Blue Ice and Carlson.
  • probiotic supplement – helping to protect your digestive tract. Tim Ferriss advises eating kimchee, sauerkraut or other products of lacto-fermentation (lactic acid fermentation).
  • coenzyme Q10 – important for generating energy in the cells. Your heart requires a lot of energy (along with liver and kidneys), coenzyme Q10 contributes to your cardiovascular health and lowers the risk of cardiac arrest. It is also an antioxidant.
  • saw palmetto – saw palmetto extract contains flavonoids, sterols, fatty acids and other compounds. The substances may be beneficial for prostate.
  • lycopene – the red pigment found in e.g. tomatoes, helps to prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer.
  • milk thistle – this extract contains sylimarin, which supports liver health.
  • calcium with vitamin D3 – reduces the risk of cancer and helps to lose weight.
  • pycnogenol plus L-arginine – lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Have you heard that red wine is good for your heart? That’s because of pycnogenol. It is found in apples and tea as well. Tim Ferriss suggests intake of green tea extract, Dr. Jeffry Life recommends eating non-tropical fruits like apples, you can notice common points between the both diets.

If you want a single supplement combining many of the above mentioned substrates, try Opti-Men. Here you can read more about Opti-Men.

To sum up – the book The Life Plan is at least worth reading, if you are a man and serious about your health as the time passes.

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