PAGG and Policosanol

PolicosanolPAGG and policosanol

One of the elements of the PAGG stack is policosanol, an extract of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum L.) Policosanol is made of a mix of fatty alcohols, which are isolated from the plant and purified. The mix consists of 66% octacosanol, 12% triacontanol, and 7% hexacosanol. The minor components like otriacontanol, tetracosanol, nonacosanol, dheptacosanol, and tetratriacontanol, make up 15% (source).

There is a body of medical research about the beneficial health effects of policosanol on humans. Policosanol has been found to be one of the best cholesterin lowering supplements. The research has been mainly done in Cuba, which is the biggest producer of policosanol. The results of the research showed that policosanol lowers serum lipids, reduces LDL oxidation, decreases smooth muscle proliferation, improves syndroms of cardiovascular disease and decreases platelet aggregation. At the time of the research there were no side effects observed (source).

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Tim Ferriss used policosanol for reduction of body fat, as one of the “four horsemen of fat loss”. Policosanol is applied only once a day, before bedtime. The Pareto Nutrition PAGG contains policosanol in the blue pill (look at the picture :)). A word of warning: the research of policosanol is still in its early stage and few scientists attribute the health benefits of policosanol to the placebo effect.


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