What are PAGG Supplements?

PAGG SupplementLots of people buy and take PAGG Supplements to lose fat. I strongly recommend this supplement as it is made from entirely natural ingredients, so that you don’t need any kind of prescription – it is an OTC drug.

PAGG Stack induces fat loss, its elements work together synergistically. The PAGG supplements have been tested many times by Tim Ferriss first on himself and than in controlled laboratory conditions together with a group of volunteers.

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Many satisfied customers tried PAGG Stack and experienced exactly the desired results. If you are not sure if PAGG will work for you as well, I will be happy to assure you that the manufacturer, Pareto Nutrition is a really fair company, they offer 110% money back guarantee – you can buy PAGG supplement, test it and if it doesn’t work for you to get slimmer, you can get your money returned.

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Who should take PAGG Supplement?

PAGG Supplement is a natural combination of four substances – policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract and garlic extract. The first letters of the names of the ingredients give the acronym PAGG. It’s being also referred to as PAGG Stack or PAGG Supplement. Tim Ferriss created the PAGG formula as a safe replacement for the infamous ECA stack (ephedrine hydrochloride, caffeine, aspirin) responsible for some nasty side effects. This leads us to the next point – is PAGG dangerous for your health? The answer is simple – if you take the usual precautions as with every drug when using PAGG you’ll be absolutely fine.

What are the safety precautions? There are no lab tests of PAGG effects on fetus or breastfed babies, so PAGG shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy and during breast feeding. Some illnesses may be contraindications for the PAGG ingredients – if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycaemia and hypertension or if you are currently using blood thinning or anti-anxiety medications you should definitely refrain from using PAGG stack.

Apart from the above described cases everybody can take PAGG Supplement. If you have a problem with obesity, and no other cures help, PAGG Stack might be worth giving it a try. Many satisfied customers, the 110% money back guarantee and up till now entirely positive clinical lab tests are good arguments for this supplement.

Best results of PAGG

PAGG works best if you combine it with appropriate diet. The 4 Hour Body author, Tim Ferriss, suggests diet in many aspects similar to south beach diet. With stress on proteines, only low carbs and good, diet supports the effects of PAGG in the process of losing weight. Tim recommends to eat lean meat, eggs or only egg whites (if possible organic), beans, olive oil, lentils, grape seed oil and vegetables. For more information on south beach diet click on the link on right hand side.

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I do recommend PAGG, however whether you buy the PAGG Supplement or another weight loss supplement, you will be glad you did, so that you can lose weight and regain your life quality!


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